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William Edward Burghardt Du Bois is certainly one of the most distinguished sociology pioneers, who believed that racial inequality was the core of many problems within our society. Du Bois conducted many sociological studies and researches, and he also established the Atlanta Sociological Laboratory. He is also believed to help other people see serious racial differences and consequently divisions that were very typical for the United States. Besides, he determined the main problems that individuals in African American community had to face, including the difficulty to escape from the social identification based on their racial and color differences. One of the most important works of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois is his study devoted to the Philadelphia’s African American community. In this study, the sociologist defined the weak and strong sides of this community. According to William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, the main reason why African Americans experienced so many problems was the fact that blacks were absolutely inferior to whites. Some of the studies conducted by Du Bois are full of criticism as many successful people were absolutely indifferent to the black community. Moreover, Du Bois became famous not only because of his academic study, but because he also took part in the public separation action in 1909 and tried to support the idea of racial equality and common rights.

I think that racial differences cause particular problems and difficulties in our society, for instance, in education and employment. However, race should not be described as the major problem nowadays. For many years, government and some social institutions have been trying to reduce the impact of racial discrimination and difference, however, the color line is still quite vivid in the society. Numerous attempts to get rid of racial and color discrimination led to the new problem of unfair advantage to minorities. Anyway, modern society is quite tolerant of racial differences, and our government is not indifferent to the problems of racial minorities as it used to be.