Assessment of the Well Child sample essay

For this assignment I got the opportunity to visit the day care center inside the campus at the educational building. After signing some papers they took us to this tiny room where they had a one way looking glass with headphones which was connected to the microphone that was setup on the other side of the glass where children were playing. This was around three o’clock were children had their afternoon nap and they were all very energetic. I could see that those preschoolers were all interested on things around them.

They wanted to touch, taste, hear, smell and test things for themselves. They were all eager to learn, by trying to do things and by experiencing it themselves. I could also noticed that they were learning things as they were playing, you could see that they were developing using their language and skills and by also trying to gain control on their environment. After seeing the children playing with the other staff, I pick this cute four-year-old girl. I observed her for over three hours and mainly focused on her physical, language, cognitive, social and environmental development.

As I said these kids were so energetic that they were running around and making lot of noises, and my preschooler was one of them. She was constantly moving, mostly on her tip toes. She liked to hop on one foot but I felt she is going to fall in any minute; however, she managed to somehow keep her balance. She also had her sweatshirt on and kept playing with its zip while she was standing. She also used her hands a lot, weather to swing it in the air, to use her finger to pick up objects, holding objects and work with them such as scissors, or to hold markers for drawing.

Overall I felt her motor skills were well developed. After she has drawn, the staff member that was with her gave her some strings, colored papers and few other objects. She was asked to use glow to cut those color papers and attach them to her drawing to make things like eyes, nose, and lips for her drawing, and although she was able to cut those papers using a scissor, the cuts weren’t clean at all and they didn’t seem to have straight lines.

Since we were in that little room, we had to hear these kids talking through a microphone, so it was little hard to clearly understand how they talk or what they say, but overall their language was good. Her grammar seemed okay although she mostly talked in past tense. But her language and usage of vocabularies were all age appropriate. I notice that she was stuttering a little bit especially when she tried to talk fast or when she would get excited, she even sounded like me a little bit.

Whenever I try to talk fast or think too much against my doctor’s advice I tend to forget words and start stuttering since English is not my primary language. And this also happens to her, it seemed like the ideas come to her mind faster than she is able to express them. She also seems to have developed a good ability to understand and ask questions. She knew that there are yes/no questions and wh- questions to ask for information. Wh-questions involve inquiring words such as who what, where, when and why.

I also notice that she barrages her caregiver with a chain of why questions, one right after the other. She was curious and wished to know more about the care givers personal life. For example she kept asking her whether or not she had a boyfriend, which was very funny; heck even I wanted to know that. Or about other things such as why her mom says she has to eat vegetables and many other WHY questions. Also for every question she demanded an answer and the caregiver usually communicated with her by using age appropriate words and response and by getting down to her knees and talking to her with face level.