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Every high school provides its students with certain knowledge. Bergen Country Academies is on the unreachable level in competition with all the other schools. I am going to explain my reasons for applying to this school and also present the strengths of mine the schools will surely benefit from.

Bergen Academy for Medical Science Technology is the designated place I would like to spend another year at. I believe that besides regular extensive courses it offers, I would greatly benefit from learning more biotechnology, anatomy, physiology. Despite this is only a high school, it would definitely provide me an opportunity to learn a lot more than any other school nationwide does. I wish to become fully familiar with the knowledge Bergen School offers to its students, and I believe studying medicine-related courses would allow me to have a selection of options to choose from when going to college. Planning to become a doctor in the future, I understand that obtaining a diploma from Bergen AMST is the only possible way to be accepted by the nation’s top medical schools. I believe my knowledge, skills and abilities would be at the top level at the time I finish Bergen School Academies.

I realize receiving knowledge means I will have to give back to Bergen School. I am totally prepared to do so. I am willing to participate in all kinds of academic contests in the areas of biology and medicine, starting with regional and up to the international levels. I believe I will be able to honorably present Bergen both from the aspect of high academic intelligence and as a great person, deserving to present this school at all levels. Apart from academic part, I am an unbeatable wrestler and great soccer player, and I love to contribute to the overall play of the team I play for. I have been into these sports since I was 6 years old, and I have a great desire to develop in this direction during my study at Bergen. Thus I believe allowing me to study at Bergen School would be beneficial for both parties.