Burns and Engineered Skin Grafts Ace myhomework myhomework writers acemywork

It also has sensory functions. Therefore, when injured through burns, timely healing and repair is needed to ensure patientsÂ’ survival. Healing is a dynamic process and in sometimes there is delay of onset of the process (Peng Liu et al, 2008). Older methods of burn management includes the use of autografts, allografts and xenografts and they have many limitations such as variable acceptance rates of grafts, vulnerability of the patient to infections , high costs and delays in obtaining such grafts (Forouzandeh, Jalili, Hartwell, Allan, Boyce, Supp and Ghahary, 2010).For a very long time amniotic membrane, frog and cryopreserved human cadavers have been used in treatment of burns but for t