Busn 258/ Short / 5 10 Sentences

A customer has written a complaint on your website about your company’s latest video game. The game content is too violent, she feels, for the rating that the ESRB assigned to it. Her middle-school age son was able to buy the game without parental approval, by saving his allowance and going to the store with her ex-husband. She found her son playing the game with his friends, and was appalled that such a product was not better screened. Your company produced the game with teens in mind, and was going for a higher rating. Your company was actually disappointed that the game did not receive the higher rating, because now there is a marketing problem since the rating does not match the audience. Your management is currently exploring putting a warning label on the game, but the initial run has already shipped. There is no way to influence the rating board’s decision short of recalling the game and re-releasing it with a different title (something your management won’t do). Address the customer’s concern by drafting a response post that you would use to reply to her via the website.