Busn 319 Marketing Plan Outline Executive Summary Simmonds Healthcare

Executive Summary
Simmonds Healthcare Services offers a combination of premier assisted living facility and community based adult daycare center in Decatur, Georgia. Research indicates that in the Decatur area there is a significant need for quality assisted living facility and adult daycare center and I believe with employees that are competent and a staff that is well educated, I will be able to provide them with a management staff that is responsive as well as organized, we can become the assisted living facility and adult daycare center of choice in Decatur, Georgia and some of the surrounding area.
Simmonds Healthcare Services is a sole proprietorship based in Dekalb County and owned by its principal investor. The office will initially be established on Main Street in the heart of Decatur, Georgia. Decatur is also the home to numerous hospitals and rehabilitation centers, which will serve as a referral bases for our facility.