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Today, the number of cell phone users continues to soar across the globe, almost on a daily basis. However, there are alarming concerns regarding the dangers of cell phones to their users. This paper explores the relationship between cell phone use and cancer, effect on men’s fertility and the dangers that these devices pose to children.

Cell phones continue to be a health threat to their users. There is an increasing fear that these devices can cause brain cancer. The World Health Organization indicated cell phone use as one of the potential causes of brain cancer. The electromagnetic radiation that is produced by cell phones increase the rist of developing malignant cancerous brain tumors which are one of the leading health concerns in terms of the relationship between the use of cell phones and cancerous attacks. Further, cell phones radiation has been found to cause rapid and aggressive growth of cancerous cells.

The use of cell phones is associated with increased chances of male infertility. The electromagnetic waves that are produced by mobile phones may block the conversion of circulating testosterone into more active form that doctors associate with production of sperms and increased fertility in males. When semen is exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic waves that are emitted from cell phones, the free radicals are destroyed, thus sperm motility is lowered and sperm viability declines. This is what finally leads to infertility in men who use cell phones for long hours.

Cell phones pose great danger to children than adults. In children, the risk of brain cancer due to electromagnetic radiation is higher than in adults because the speed with which brain cells in children divide is very high. Studies have found children’s head to be the most vulnerable because it absorbs up to 50% more of cell phone radiations compared to adults. Cell phones also expose children to online sex predators, sexting among other moral concerns such as cyber-bullying perhaps due their innocence and ignorance to the cybercrimes.

In conclusion, whereas the gains made from the use of cell phones are high, the dangers that it poses to the health and well-being of its users are rising and must not be ignored. The safety measures must be considered.