Change in Diet sample essay

I began this class with very little nutritional knowledge. During week one of this class, it became evident to me that my eating habits were completely unhealthy. Before taking this course, my interpretation of eating right consisted of eating foods that I thought were healthy, and basically sticking to that particular meal plan. I started this class coming off of a self-created protein diet plan of my own. My diet plan consisted solely upon eating cereal for breakfast, chicken breast, white rice, and egg whites for lunch, and drinking a protein shake for dinner, every week on days Monday through Friday.

For the weekends, I would basically eat whatever I wanted. The weekends were considered my grace period where I was allowed to ignore my diet for two days. About a week or two before the course began, I had completely stopped my protein diet, and I was basically back to eating whatever I had a taste for at any given time of the day. I had lost all discipline and obedience to my “healthy” meal plan. The amount of meals I would have each day varied from one meal a day, to two or three meals a day. Rarely was it consistent.

I would skip out on breakfast on many occasions. On some days, I would eat solely junk food all day long. Water was almost inexistent in my life. Completing week one’s assignments gave me an opportunity to actually read how bad my eating habits were as I typed them in. I also learned that my once proclaimed healthy diet was in fact not as healthy as I thought it was. I also learned that I was missing key foods necessary to live a long and healthy life such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables were nonexistent in my life. Vegetables, I never took well to.

Fruits just did not seem as important to me as they should have been, and they definitely never satisfied my sugar craves. I learned the importance of fruits and vegetables. I learned that they provide the vitamins, minerals, and fibers my body needs to live a successfully healthy life. Throughout the course, I learned a lot about nutrition. I now know the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat. I am aware that all fat is not bad for the body. In fact, fat should be apart of every diet, and is required for healthy growth. This course has also given me a better perspective of dehydration.

I now fully understand what dehydration is, and the causes of it. I am definitely more aware of the importance of drinking water. Currently, compared to week one of this class, my eating habits are totally different. I definitely see changes in my diet. From completing assignments mixed with personal research, I have learned that a person can actually gain weight from not eating enough. I learned that it is important for individuals to consume their recommended amount of calories each day in order to maintain a healthy and normal metabolism rate. A lack of food can slow metabolism.

Metabolism burns fat. So of course, the first change in my diet was to make sure that I was consuming as close to my recommend amount of calories each day as much as I could. In result, I currently eat three healthy meals a day. Fruits and vegetables have become apart of diet. I am eating more fruits and vegetables now, than I ever have in my entire life. I am also making sure to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables compared to eating just one or two types. This course has helped me gain a better understanding of whole foods such as whole grains and wheat. I no longer eat white rice or white bread.

I have substituted white rice with brown rice, and I have replaced white bread with whole grain wheat bread. These changes were not easy at all. I loved white rice and white bread. It was definitely a challenge making that transition. I have even made changes to the type of sandwich meats I eat. I have replaced deli ham with white turkey and chicken breast. For breakfast, I have stopped eating cold cereal and frozen waffles, and have started eating whole grain oatmeal with fruit slices. I still drink protein shakes after weight lifting. However, I no longer have protein shakes for dinner.

From the course I have learned that oils are needed in any diet. In result, I have begun using olive oil with some of my dishes. I no longer use margarine, and have replaced it with real butter. I have eliminated any idea of a grace period and I try to eat healthy seven days a week. As mentioned early, I have learned a lot about dehydration and the importance of drinking water. I avoid all caffeinated beverages. I have eliminated sodas and other beverages from my diet. I drink milk, green tea, and one hundred percent fruit juices, but mainly water. Throughout researching, I have learned just how necessary it is to drink water.

I learned that water helps the body’s organs function properly, water clears the body of toxins, and water helps burn calories. I learned the recommended daily serving of water should be eight to ten glasses, a minimum of 64 ounces. Upon learning this information, I have visited my local supermarket and have purchased a water bottle of 24 ounces. This course has taught me that many people mistake thirst with hunger, causing overeating and weight gain. I now consume 72 ounces of water a day. I make sure to fill and empty my water bottle three times a day.

I have also created a system with accordance to my schedule where I eat dinner no later than 7:30 p. m. My workouts at the gym have also changed as well. Before, my workouts consisted solely on weight lifting. I have now made time in the beginning of my workouts for at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercises. The changes that I have made to my diet has really changed who I am as I person. I feel different, healthier. There has been a dramatic decrease in my stress levels. I am full of energy and happiness. I am now more aware of what I allow to enter my body.