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So many people often wish to learn a second language, however, they rarely get such as a chance. They may be hindered by various factors such as lack of a good tutor, financial constraints, geographical immobility as well as unavailability of such languages within their schools and colleges. A few people who have attempted learning second languages have either quitted the programs due to difficulties encountered during the learning process, or have lost interest in continuing with the programs.

In order to help students overcome such challenges, I have decided to offer tutorial classes for those students willing to learn Chinese as their second language. I have been motivated by the willingness of many students to study Chinese. I am fluent in both written and oral Chinese and, thus, confident and willing to help other students to learn Chinese. I am certain that these tutorial services will create an impact on their lives.


The Chinese tutorial classes shall run from Monday to Friday between 10.00-18.00 hours (10.00 am to 6.00 pm) daily.The tutorial service involves learning both written and spoken Chinese.

Reasons to attend the Chinese tutorials
No fees or charges to be paid. It is totally free.
Flexible time schedules for classes
Students choose the most appropriate time that is convenient for them
Tutorial classes shall be offered within the school, hence easily accessible
Learning a second language, especially Chinese, gives you an added advantage
Reading materials shall be provided by the tutor
Continuous assessment tests to examine your progress
Recognized certificate upon completion

This could be your only chance, do not miss.Registration for tutorial classes is ongoing.