Coeducational vs Single Sex Schools sample essay

I think it would be nice to attend an all-girls school. I am for this for many different reasons. Of course, there would be a lot less drama with the girls, and they would concentrate more on their schoolwork instead of their appearance. Their grades would be much better, because they would study more and ask questions about the assignments. An all-girls school is a great idea for teenage girls in high school, because since there would be no boys around, the girls wouldn’t be vying for their attention. Without all of the boys, the girls wouldn’t worry about many things, besides their schoolwork and their grade. They wouldn’t wear make-up or cute clothes, because they would have nobody to impress.

I’m going to admit it, there are only two reasons why girls have drama or fight, either somebody is running their mouth, or it’s over a guy. On, there is a comment from a girl with the username, Girl Power. In her comment she makes really good points about why an all-girls school is better than coeducational. Although all of the comments were inspirational and helpful in making my decision, her comment was the one that helped me make my final decisions that I have written in this paper.

All-girls schools help young women learn to be independent, and not fight about stupid things, like boys. In all-girls schools, just like coeducational schools, there are different groups of people. Some of the groups are similar to the groups at coeducational schools, such as preps, jocks, nerds, miscellaneous, etc. All-girls schools would have a lot less drama than coeducational schools, because the girls would have no reason to start drama.

Alright, this whole next paragraph is my opinion; you don’t have to agree with me. Girls pay a lot more attention to their schoolwork then to boys in all-girls schools, because there are no boys around to pay attention to. Most girls just can’t help it, they are natural flirts. My friends and I are that way, so I’m not being mean. It’s completely natural to flirt, some girls may take it too far, but that’s their problem.

If I was at an all-girls school, I am almost positive my grades would be better than they are now, except for math. Math is my weakness. If all the boys left midway for a week, and nothing was left but the girls, the school average would increase dramatically, because the girls would pay attention more, and make better grades. Girls are too worried about their appearance or too caught up in flirting with the boys to pay attention in class, therefore, they will fail.

It’s normal for girls to crave the attention from the boys. Most of the time it reflects in the way girls act. Sometimes I don’t understand why girls have boyfriends, because they will flirt anyways, it’s the natural thing. I got off topic there for a second, let’s get back on track. The girls wouldn’t have to look “perfect” at an all-girls school. They wouldn’t have to wear any make-up; they would just have natural beauty. They wouldn’t be competing for attention from the boys, because there would be absolutely no boys.

Well, after doing a lot of research and taking a lot of notes, an all-girls school is the way to go. Less drama, better grades, and you don’t have to be perfect. Okay, I’m going to go beg my mommy to let me go to an all-girls school. It’s the best decision in my opinion.