Comprehensive Life Plan sample essay

I spent my high school years dreaming of places I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, and people I wanted to meet. After graduation reality set in and I realized I abused my time in high school, making it difficult for me to transition into adult hood. I thought of what I was going to do rather than how I was going to get there; I could not have been more wrong. Therefore the importance of life planning has become a crucial component of seeing my dreams come true. Establishing attainable goals for today in order to determine what happens tomorrow is essential for lifelong success.

Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder (Covey, 2008) created a structured summary of my values and aspirations in life. With this new concept I have a new perspective of how to organize my thoughts and bring them to life on paper. I am excited about this new direction in my life and I believe this mission statement will be a constant reminder of who God is challenging me to become. Mission Statement: I am at my best when I am active and surround myself with people who are outgoing and love the outdoors.

However, I am not at my best when I am careless about my diet and surround myself people who are ungrateful and selfish. I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can make people feel happy, confident, and valued by God. I will find enjoyment in my personal life by reading, studying integrative medicine, and trying new cuisine. I will find the most enjoyment when doing and supporting things my loved ones are passionate about. I will find opportunities to use my natural gifts such as empathy, and honesty in relationships and discernment to guard my heart.

I will also find opportunities to use my natural talents such as photography to capture God’s beautifully and wonderfully created people in photographs. I will use my eye for interior design and fashion to decorate my surroundings well and clothe others and myself in a successful way for different occasions. In the future, I have the confidence to start my own clothing company. This company will fund my organization that will provide self esteem workshops for women and girls as well as connect them with God.

I will study to become a licensed cosmetologist, an integrative medicine practitioner, and obtain a degree in elementary education. I am also confident that I can accomplish my dreams to become a model for American Eagle, Roxy clothing companies and overcome my fear or heights. My God-sized dream would be to travel the world in an effort to rescue women and children from sex-trafficking. My goal would be to create a snow ball effect by eliminating the sex slave market which in turn would devastate business for drug cartels as well.

My hope most important future contribution to others will be that I people would see all of God’s blessings in my life and that they would want the same Savior in their life. I will stop procrastinating and start working on: being forgiving, having self control and self motivation. I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life: Persevering, loving God with my life, and seeking to understand Gods word. I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life: Staying healthy and active, abiding in Christ and relaxing- reexamining-refreshing-reflecting-renewing my mind.

Lastly, I need to be taking time to do things that make me happy and feel refreshed. I want people look at my life 61 years from now and say that I loved God with my life and inspired others to desire the same. I hope I am known for unconditionally loving and welcoming all who met me. I want to be remembered for having a zest for life and a teachable attitude. I also want my future husband to say he is as in love with me now as he was when we got married. The Covey Mission Statement builder was a great exercise and opened my eyes to how valuable it is to write things down that are important to you.

By doing this, it feels real to me and now I will be challenged to achieve these goals and see my imaginations become reality. Another exercise that helped me look ahead in a constructive way was the Strategic Futuring Worksheet. This assignment challenged me to envision myself in the year 2026 as well as taking steps backwards in order to determine how I will accomplish this vision in the future. My vision is to be happily married and living in a humble home on the coast of a warm beach. I plan to live an organized, active, and balanced life.

I plan to be a teacher, and volunteer with youth ministries such as Younglife. Most of all, I plan to be the best support system for my husband and his career and aspirations. To see my future come together, I need to focus on one goal at a time. The Strategic Futuring Worksheet (Hulme, Uknown) helped me come up with what I think are three attainable goals. My first goal is to be become a consistent person who never compromises with my end goals. Goal number two: Striving to love unconditionally and have a heart after God. Number three: I want to volunteer with organizations like YoungLife.

I have a desire to pour into this generation of young people because I was blessed with a great life and I feel that is my calling to give what I so greatly received. Like the Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder the Strategic Futuring Worksheet was a constructive way to assess what action steps I need to take to see my vision succeed. I feel the goals the Strategic Futuring Worksheet generated for me are measurable and will help me stay focused. It assisted me in gaining a better insight into my imagination. In conclusion, this realization aided me in formulating an attainable vision from my dreams.

Since high school my mind has been a struggling mix of dreams and doubts. These exercises will help me focus on my transition into adulthood. Therefore, I am going to now take control of my future. My mission statement will be a valuable tool that I will use to keep me accountable of my choices. Everything I do today will affect tomorrow. This new mindset will challenge me own my mistakes and never compromise my end goals. Finding this great way to get excited about working towards my goals has made me feel like an artist who is creatively painting the canvas of my future.