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HIV/AIDS pandemic is the worst disease that has inflicted the human race since the creation of the universe. This disease has become mysterious to people that why it has persisted in today’s world since it was discovered in early 1980s. This disease affects the person infected by reducing their body immunity and consequently the individual becomes prone to opportunistic infections. Since the body is defenseless, the affected person dies from the opportunistic disease which would otherwise be cured if they were not affected by AIDS. Owing to the fact that it affects millions of people annually, the government of America are looking for ways and means in order to reduce the prevalence of the AIDS in the American society.

One of the issues that have become a subject of controversy is the intentional transmission of HIV/AIDS. This is infecting the uninfected people intentionally. This has been found to contribute significantly towards the increased spread of the virus; moreover, it has presented serious setbacks to other ways that have been explored to reduce the rate of infection in America. There were a lot of calls for criminalizing intentional infection for various reasons.

First, it has no cure up to date thus its continued spread is disastrous, furthermore poses a danger to the future of America. This means that its prevalent should be highly discouraged using any means and especially legal because intentional spread is a legal issue. Secondly, since in many states, the intentional spread of sexually transmitted diseases is criminalized so even in HIV the same should apply since AIDS is more lethal and is transmitted via the same method. Thirdly, it will greatly stop and/or reduce the spread of AIDS in America because infected people will fear the harsh legal means of dealing with intentional spread of it.

Intentional transmission must be criminalized, moreover people should disclose their status to others before engaging in reckless sexual behaviors. Still, those affected would trace those who affected them and hence the spread will be contained and prevented, but it should be noted that since some stigma exists it will be difficult for affected people to notify their sexual partners.

The universal bill of rights guarantees all people the right to life and it is criminal to take another person’s right to life, so infecting somebody intentionally with a fatal disease like HIV/AIDS is illegal and criminal in international legal jurisdictions.