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Common cold is a viral infection that for a long period of time has affected most of the population if not all. Unfortunately, for a long period of time, there has been no definite cure to manage the menace caused by common cold.

As the name suggests, “common cold”, many for long have believed that the disease is caused by cold. This probably could be due to increased cases of common cold reported during cold weather. But according to, Dinghra, common cold is a viral infection caused mainly by, rhinovirus (picorna virus) or corona virus. The disease affects the upper respiratory system hence its effects if not managed early and in the right way can be so detrimental.

Since time immemorial, management of common cold has been palliative care by use analgesics and ant-inflammatory drugs. The medication was to manage the pain and rhinitis associated with common cold.

Therefore there is need for immediate and firm actions to be taken in order to contain common cold. Failure of which will lead to worsening of the disease by leading to unnecessary complications that could have been prevented. Such complications include sinusitis. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the paranasal air sinuses. The sinuses are closely related to the orbit and cavernous sinuses. Such structures are in close relation to the cranial nerves, for instance, the occulomotor, trochlear and abducent nerves. In case of sinusitis as a result of common cold, it can lead to superior orbital fissure syndrome.

Failure to manage common cold can also result to pneumonia. This happens in case the viral infection finds their way into the lungs leading to pneumonia.

Today I stand here to deliver good news to the beloved citizens of this country and the entire human race. Common cold is now history. The cure for common cold has been found. This means that the aforementioned complications of common cold will no longer be there. Our population will live without being worried of common cold. Millions of money that could have been spent treating the menace can be channeled to other productive projects. The healthy population will also mean increased productivity.