Description of Personal and Professional Goals sample essay

At present, I am enrolled as a student in the mental health counseling master program. I live in Miami, Florida and I am also employed as an Administrative Clerk III in Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation within Miami Dade County. I have been working there for the past six years. One of the reasons I want to have a license in counseling is so I can continue helping these individuals that are in desperate need of professional help; I want to direct them towards the right path. I take such interest in mental health counseling, because I want to be able to work closely with each inmate that needs special help. I enjoy helping others; most importantly, I want to make a difference in other people’s lives.

There is also a great need for mental health counseling in Florida. I feel that the craziness of our world today has produced more people in need of mental care. The pressure of living in a highly-industrialized country, with ever widening gaps between family members greatly contribute to this. The commercialized society we live in forces us to aim for instant gratification instead of dealing with our problems head on. While working in a jail facility, I have seen so many men with substance abuse problems and others types of difficulties.

I personally think that these inmates are not getting proper help from the system. It is as if they are the dregs of society, ignored and not given proper care and attention. They are misunderstood, and viewed as if they have contagious diseases, and are by nature, violent. A lot of people are afraid to work in jail, due to the fact some of these men can be dangerous at times. I am aware that for me to help these men and women, I need to have a professional license. With the right training at Walden University, I know I will be ready to take care and help these individuals with their needs.

I want to be able to work with all type of clients, since I have been around inmates for the past six years. I would like to help them in getting their lives together. First, I want to be able to listen to what they have to say, or at least have some idea of where they want to go once they get released from jail. Second, I want to make sure that they are capable of making decisions for themselves, especially the ones who have mental disorders. Lastly, I want to be able to locate and provide them with different types of help and sources. I will supplement the knowledge I have gained from Walden University with additional information, such as where they can go to get further assistance.

I have observed so many men and women that have lost their sense of life and mind; they have no idea where to start a new life or even have any kind of moral compass to know to what’s right or wrong. Some of them used a lot of drugs; some allowed themselves to be used sexually for money, just so they will be able to sustain their everyday expenses. The system thinks the best thing to do is lock them in a cell with others criminals. I believe that this should not be done. Their problems need special attention and different solutions.

I believe that these people should be understood; their problems should be put within a context. These kinds of problems crop up because of the situations that push these people over the edge and engage in anti-social behavior. Once I graduate from Walden University, I will be better equipped to deal with such cases, and give the appropriate remedy. I want to be able to solve problem without hesitation. Again, once I get the degree from Walden University, I will be able to share my information with others as soon as possible.

Part two: Description of Educational background and research proficiency

I received my undergraduate degree from Union Institute & University in Florida 2007. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work. I like helping people, which is why social work was and still something I want to do. I feel that in my own way, I help make the world a better place to live in. I may not be able to engage in bigger ways of changing the world, but I am doing it through baby steps.

This is my approach to my education: taking baby steps. I have not yet worked for a degree, due to the recessions that we going through right now. I have applied to so many places; no one has called me yet. I am still hoping I get a job soon, so I can have some experience by the time I graduate from Walden University with the graduate degree. I enjoy working in the field that I am in right now, because so many men and women are in desperate need of help. I am also inspired to change repeating offenders through guiding them to the right path. I am willing to take as much Walden has to offer.

When I was doing my undergraduate degree in Florida, I was introduced to so many positive mentors throughout my stay in school. I was overwhelmed with the inspiring stories they told, such as how they started and the struggle they encountered in the course of their studies. But they have no regrets. They encourage us to go all the way. Don’t be discouraged when things turn out not according to one’s plan, be persistent, disciplined, and most of all know what one wants in life and go for it: these are the most valuable lessons I have learned from my professors. One important point one of my professors told me was to not be around people who did not have the same work ethic as mine, especially in school. This is due to the fact that it is easy to get lazy or discouraged from succeeding what I want to do with my life.

My greatest fear right now is not being able to finish my graduate study, which will greatly disappoint me. I am going to try my best to stay with the program. About a month or so, I decided I want to go back to school, but I had no idea which school I wanted to attend. I knew I wanted to be a counselor. I sought online for the school that offers the best program in Mental Health Counseling; I discovered Walden University. I filled out the form they have online for more information.

The next day I received a call from a certain person; he told me exactly what I needed to get accepted to Walden. After a couple of days, I was accepted by Walden University. Since school was starting the following week, I was happy, yet nervous, because I just made the decision, not to long ago. I kept asking myself I am ready for this. After a week or so, I made myself ready. I am still asking myself that question, especially when am stuck with an assignment. I refuse to be a quit, once I started something. I always finish the task.

Part Three: Program of Study

My goal is to get that degree and use it as much as I can to even go further with a Ph.D. degree. I want to be able to produce as much as I can with my education and knowledge through Walden University. In order to do so, I have to be equipped with as much information as I can take out to the field of my profession. I don’t have much experience with field work in social work environment, besides the six years experience I have with Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation Department. Though this is the case, I have learned a lot, such as motivation and team work. I am not satisfied with this, of course. I am looking forward to more experience while I am at Walden University, and beyond.

My academic skill is to be able to discipline my self as much as I can, so I won’t fall behind in the program and my coursework. Secondly, I am still indeed working on organizing my priorities, to what needs to be done and when it has to be done; I plan on having a scheduled plan with each semester. I want to put things in perspective, so that I am able to become one of the students at Walden who will be used as example for the new students. Fortunately, my scheduled is very flexible at the present.

My weakness, however is having a writer’s block when I have to write a paper. To resolve this, I usually walk away from that assignment or coursework for at least an hour. Once I am ready to write my paper, I use Microsoft Word for my spelling and grammar check. Since English is my third language, I make sure I have access to an editor and to not forget the writing center at Walden, which has and continue to be of great help with my writing.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I did most of my papers from the books that the professor wants us to use, not so much journals nor independent research. I am hoping Walden will prepare me for the unexpected in my graduate study. Additionally, I have attached my residencies page, and I have also done my research to where I will obtain my license through Tallahassee, Florida. Also, I have attached my course work and course work definition of each course.

Conclusion: Walden and my development

Given my academic background, I know that I am capable of accomplishing a lot. I know that I can develop into a better social worker. I have a lot to offer, and not just my skills. Skills, I feel can only get one so far. Passion, I feel, is much more important. It determines how much you will achieve, and how far you will go. It also puts humanity in whatever work one is doing. This I feel is the true essence of service: not only getting things done, but getting things done because people are dependent on you to achieve these things. With my passion for serving people, and the training Walden is giving me, I will transcend success; I will put the warmth and correction back in social work.