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Recent statics indicates that the death toll on the roads is reaching horrific scales. A person getting into the car crash has 43% chances to die prematurely and 32% to get heavy bodily damages, resulting into next physical incapacitation of this person. Naturally, the origins of the car crashes are different, but they can be easily attributed to specific timeframes. To be more exact, in the past (the 70th and the 80th ) the overwhelming majority of the vehicle-related accidents took place due to the technical imperfections of the cars and incompetence of the drivers, while today the bigger part of the accidents occur because of the inattentiveness or the bad habits of the drivers. This essay examines the validity of this assertion, accentuates the gravity of smoking, speaking via cell-phones while driving, alcohol abuse among the drivers and speculates over the consequences ensued from this socially and individually harmful habits.

The Justification of the Statement

The fact that car accidents happen does seem to be fully undisputed nowadays. However, technically almost all cars produced today are safeguarded from the being involved into the inadvertent car crashes. The recent statistics, especially the reports issued by the car inspection, clearly manifest that the majority of the drivers involved into the car accidents either speak via the cellular phone or was toxically or alcoholically abused. Therefore, it is reasonable to abuse that the most of all car-related accidents happened due to the bad habits possessed by the drivers and not by the technical flaws of the cars or by the road surface.

Mobile Phones

The internal domestic regulations as well as the international guidelines on safe traffic precisely and explicitly forbid the utilization of the cellular phones while driving. However, although this provision of the traffic regulations is mandatory and no deviations are allowed, the drivers consider them and routinely regard it as non-compulsory. Particularly, the enforcement agencies cannot fully monitor the implementation of this clause that is why its routine contravention often leads to the fatal repercussions. Having questioned the drivers from different countries and of different age categories, the scientists reached the conclusion that neither the age, nor the social position serves as an effective deterrent of this harmful habit and although the gravity is comprehended the mobiles are used. For example, the use of the mobile phone by the Indian police officer in 2007 (the name was secreted for security reasons) lead to the car crash involving 7 cars. The casualties included two dead and seven seriously injured people. The one of injured was a young woman whose legs have been amputated.

Tobacco Smoking

Tobacco smoking is considered as a less detrimental habit, but this habit nevertheless leads to the number negative consequences. For instance, when the person smokes he is not so deft and attentive. Besides, there are many occasions when the ash precipitating from the stub burns the skin of the driver, who is momentously side-tracked from controlling the car to remove the burning substances. It always leads to the most fatal crashes.

Alcohol Abuse

Another hot problem of bad habits among the drivers is the ever-increasing excess to the alcohol limits. This issue is usually common among the experienced drivers who consider that nothing will happen to them if they consume an alcohol drink, fully relying on their experience and driving skills. However, the fact that their reaction is substantially inhibited is not regarded by them at all. One of the most notorious cases took place in Russian Federation in 2009, when a drunken worker of the tax inspection (the name is secreted for security reasons) crushed into the line of pedestrians awaiting a bus. 4 people were killed immediately and 3 were gravely injured. The subsequent investigation revealed that the driver had 20 years of experience and several time won the rallies. Hereby, it can be concluded that the experience is not a justification to consume alcohol drinks while driving.


Having encapsulated the main points of this essay, it can be inferred that, although the rules regulation explicitly prohibit specific actions of the drivers, such as smoking, cellular phone speaking and alcohol consumption, the drivers routinely and purposefully contravene these policies. Their bad habits often lead to fatal repercussions, including premature deaths and injuries of the innocent people.