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Healing hospital paradigm represent the whole health care system which mainly focus on the whole recovery of the body mentally physically and spiritualy.The traditional style of cure model is only to eradicate the disease. But in the case of healing health it mainly focus on the total wellness of the entire body by addressing the patients emotional and spiritual needs.There are three major important elements in the hospital paradigm.They are loving care healthy healing surroundings and the technology.In this paper we are going to discuss the elements and challenges of the healing hospital when we implement the healing environment.

Components of the healing hospital Patients curing environment is the most highlighting element of the healing hospital paradigm.It always concentrate on the care of the patient, the atmosphere of the hospital while on treatment (Samueli Institute ,2010).In the case of healing hospital paradigm it is not only restricted on the patient’s treatment or the diagnostic procedure nor the medicine but also it consider the patient’s health care person or the care giver or even the family members in the progression of cure.This theory is based on the knowledge that a patient’s full recovery connect with the patient’s emotional and spiritual well beingness.Healing hospital paradigm states if a whole person is to be okay it needs to be his physical body and all its parts ,the mind and the spirit must be healthy.Therefor healing hospital perception , the treatment of a patient is with compassion and a culture of concern and fundamental loving.

Under healing hospital paradigm, health care practioners have to support physical wellness as well as the mental health of the patient instead of only taking care of the treatment of the illness or disease(Baptist healing trust).It is important to prepare the patient mentally to receive the treatment. Health practioners need not only show their skills in the treatment but also have to show their ability to deliver their loving care and make extra step to make the patient feel more better(Samueli Institute ,2010).Showing compassion to the patient is also a way of meeting their needs of mental and spiritual needs. Healing physical environment is the second element of the healing hospital paradigm.It clearly says the physical environment is very important for the healing process of a patient(Samueli Institute 2010).Rest is very important in the healing process.

A hospital environment supposed to be very calm and quiet in order to make the patient feel better.Eventhough the hospital are provided information about keeping silence inside the hospital ,many of the hospital surroundings are characterized by noisy environment with the nurses spectra link phones,pagers,and nurses conversations. On the top of that family and relative gatherings in the corridors of the hospitals. These challenges always a matter for the entire patients recovery. Most hospital are facing these challenging situations and cannot make a comfortable stay of the patient. The healing paradigm came up with some suggestions which includes providing an relaxing environment by the hospital that improves the service level of the hospital and improve the patients satisfaction. Entertainment program for the patient and decent meals also provides greater satisfaction to the patient.

Work design and the technology is the third component of the healing hospital paradigm. Healing hospital has to have a well advanced work design which help the health professional to deliver quality care.(Samueli Institute 2010).Healing has the technologies which aid the patient to have competent service,confidence,cost effective, and confidentiality in their treatment. Patient get satisfied with these psychological needs and which proceed to have a fast recovery from their disease. Healing hospital participate with the patient with their advanced technologies and design to meet such needs. The modern technology and design helps the health practioners to work without difficulty and provide better care that can proceed to an effective healing development to the patient.

Challenges involved in implementing a healing environment

There are number of challenges to implement the noble concept of healing hospital in the traditional hospital settings.One of the main challenges to implement the noble concept of the healing hospital in the traditional hospital is to do with the finances(Geffin,2004).To provide the healing environment need a huge amount of investment.To provide the advance technology ,recruitment of the skilled people and their training need a big amount of money. Requirement of investment in facilities and technology is necessary to make sure that the hospital physical environment has been incorporated with the healing process. Also it is very important have a terms of mind set ,ability and culture of medical practioners in order to provide a devoted and sympathetic care in regards the requirement of the hospital healing paradigm.It must be a discouraging job for the traditional hospital authorities to accept such expensive projects.

One of the other main challenges to implement the healing concept is the legal problems. Hospitals must have already many legal challenges including higher rate of court cases and problems with the insurance. Since this perception is not yet fully activated in the health care the healing concept also may attract the people to file court cases.One of the challenges in these concept is the current employ organizations. The current system treat the employees in a graded system. But the healing hospital system treats all the employees equal. There are philosophical challenges also can see in this. The treatment model is exactly different in the old traditional style .They only focus on eliminating the disease by using the scientific methods and procedures. But the healing hospital always give importance to physical mental and spiritual needs of the patients. This type of treatment based on the patients beliefs and values. Conclusion

Holistic approach to the health care is the main element in the healing hospital paradigm.It is a concept of entire wellbeing of a patient. Not only curing or treating the disease but also taking care of the entire physical as well as emotional and spiritual needs of the body by using healing physical environment and high advanced work design and technology. There are challenges to bring this in to live .This assignment discussed about the elements of healing concept and its challenges to bring into practice.

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