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In order to be an effective leader, my goals and objectives will include:
Having a team of utmost twenty people. This team will provide with advisory services when needed to. It will also be of great help when making decisions since each member will be supposed to contribute his/her views on many matters. The team will also be supposed to interact with the people I will be serving and get different opinions from them on what they feel needs to be done.
Establish around 10 workshops in my area. This will solve the problem of unemployment in the community. The workshops will deal with carpentry, masonry and tailoring. This will help solve the problem of unskilled labor in our area. There will also be a milk collection industry whereby farmers from around will sell their milk at a reasonable price. A local market where people can buy and sell their goods will also be built.
I will deliver effective and quality services. I will consider the peoples needs as urgent and do the best I can to ensure that all their problems are solved.
Read the bible everyday at 10 pm before sleeping and also in the morning if possible.


As I conclude, a good leader ought to be able to plan. Identify the problems at hand and look for the best ways to solve them. A good vision statement helps to direct someone on what to do in order to achieve the planned. Share your vision with others and get their ideas on what else can be done. Be in charge of your leadership and lead by example since many people will follow your judgments. Russell, D.E. & Norvig, P (2009)