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Different people appreciate different things and have different dreams. However, in our life there is no force that would cause you to go directly to your dream. Only meeting new people, who differ from you, is able to make this. You always can learn something from them. Besides, everyone has such memories, photos, books, etc., which are the closest in the world for them. All of them can awake your dreams, help you to travel back in time and space, and feel those emotions, which you have ever experienced.

I am not an exception. I will never forget the pictures I saw, the places I visited or the people I met in my life. They helped me to realize that my life is not only school, PC and my house. It all started with the fact that my best friend offered to take part in the activities of the school service club. I was one of the initiators of raising money for the poor, working in the soup kitchen. My knowledge of basic computer technology helped me to become a leader in the school tech club. I had an old dream – to create a true computer with my own hands. And it came true there. Moreover, the computer became a very useful gift for my school.

As my mom says, “Life is a university where you learn those things, which you never knew before”. Being only a17 year-old boy, I really understand, what my mother means by these words. Almost everything I know, I learned myself. I was brought up by my grandmother, because my mother always worked hard in order to provide me a good future. This fact encourages me to be better to meet the expectations of my family.

Being a Ukrainian by origin, I was grown up in rather multinational conditions, because Ukraine became home for a lot of different ethnic groups. That’s why I was very interested in learning the American traditions and the local culture when I moved to the USA. My participation in the activities of the school service club helped me to get to know more, as well as to see different places of this country with my own eyes. The most impressive trip was to Alabama State, located in the southern part of the United States. By having an opportunity to communicate with locals, I realized how their daily life is differed from my own. Every time when I revise pictures made by my schoolmates, I recall these wonderful moments, which gave me so many unforgettable emotions and a lot of invaluable experience.

The main lesson that I learned from all this experience: always empty your bowl, always be open for new knowledge so you can help yourself and others. Now I have a great desire to develop, and I am not afraid to change, because changing is the only thing, which lasts permanently in life.