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In the course of history, there were different approaches to women`s bodies. Female body was often viewed by men as an object of their satisfaction. Nowadays, many feminists are fighting against this idea, because they want to feel themselves independent. They consider that they have the right to their own bodies. Women do not feel like before, when men were treated like dominant over women. Feminists tend to decide on their own how to treat their bodies. For example, some women`s decision not to shave legs or under arms is just an act to demonstrate their opposition to the patriarchic views that still exist in a democratic society. It looks like a protest to men, because they do not need to shave their legs, though, it is not aesthetically to see hair on women`s bodies. If a feminist woman feels discomfort about her body, she does not care anymore about so-called established norms or standards.

Another example of feminism and female body may be a refuse of many women to use makeup on their faces. Obviously, this can be viewed as a demonstration of their attempts to look natural and the lack of desire to improve their appearance by cosmetics, what men have never done. Instead of cosmetics, many feminists consider sports and fitness more useful to their bodies, that is why, a workout in a gym has become common not only for men, but for women as well.

It is worth mentioning that woman`s body has an innate female power that could not be ignored or denied by men. So, many feminists realize that and use their bodies as a great advantage and power. In addition, it would be worth mentioning that mass media advertisement today provide many conflicts concerning women`s body weight. Most feminists consider their way of eating like their own personal choice. They do not feel comfortable when somebody tells them how to treat their own bodies.