Finding Scripture: Knowledge, Purpose and Suffering sample essay

For Part 1 of this assignment, you will complete this worksheet by finding the Scriptures listed below. Watch the “Suffering and Death” video located at Please keep your answers brief. Solid academic writing is expected. Refer to the GCU Academic Writing Guidelines in the Student Success Center. Give a brief summary after each passage listed below.


2 Timothy 3:14-17 – writings that those who followed Christ would be accepted by God 2 Peter 1:21 – those that believed, followed what God said Hebrews 1:1 – God taught his people everything Psalm 19 – Even though God can’t talk back to us, he can hear everything that we speak of. Write 2-3 sentences explaining how the four passages above might shape the Christian worldview: Through all of life’s lessons we have one person to thank and that’s God. He is always there when we need him, even though he may not be able to give us the answers we are looking for he will lead us in the right path. Give a brief summary after each passage listed below.


Genesis 37-50 –
Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 – God has created a place and time for all of us. No matter what situation we are in, he will always be there for us Romans 8:28-39 – No matter what happens to us God has a purpose for us, and will always show our love towards him Write 2-3 sentences explaining how the three passages immediately above might shape the Christian worldview: Explains to us that no matter what happens in life, God is always there. He will never give us something we can’t handle. He has a purpose for everyone, even though we may not understand it at the time we will make it through. See Part 2 of this assignment on the next page.

Part 2 – Journal on Suffering

Use the space below to compose a journal of 250-500 words on suffering by answering the following: Describe a time when you entered a prolonged period of suffering and how you responded in body, soul, and spirit. In other words, how did you deal with that time mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? What did you run to in order to find comfort and to ease the stress and pain of that trial? In what ways did that time challenge, refine, or confirm your worldview? APA is not required for this assignment but solid academic writing is expected.

A time where I entered a prolonged period time of suffering was when my grandpa passed away September 8, 2009. I was only 21 years old, and I spent the last week of his life by his side in a nursing home. Grandpa and I were very close, and I cherished every moment we spent together. During his last week my aunt and cousin (whom are witnesses) went over a bunch of different scriptures each night and they would explain the meanings behind them and why they were so important for us to read at that time. The day of his funeral I cried and felt so empty inside until I walked into the church. Even though I cried throughout the whole funeral service, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. It was one of the hardest times I have ever had to deal with. Weeks, even years have passed, we have lost seven more family members since then, and I still can’t overcome the fact that my grandpa is no longer with us.

My heart still feels like it has a part missing and it won’t ever be full. I eventually turned to my cousin and aunt down in Tennessee to talk about everything that I was feeling. It helps a little bit but it’s still very hard. One thing that I found myself turning to for the first year after grandpas passing was alcohol. At the time I thought it was going to help me stop feeling the way that I was. Soon I found out that it was just making things worse. So to keep myself busy, and to keep me away from turning to alcohol I started working more, hanging out with friends at home instead of the bars, and I also got back into school. I don’t feel like grandpas passing changed/refined/ or confirmed my worldviews at all. With my aunt and cousin being witnesses, they would talk about the differences with how they read the bible and the Christians read the bible which made me do a lot of thinking on things, but it never changed my worldviews.