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The history of American cuisine depends on a big number of factors and events in history. One of them was technology, as improvements in this area allowed to cut down the cost of food production, made the choice better and helped improve the speed of food production. On the other hand, it enabled the new era of American cuisine to evolve – the epoch of fast food. As the US recovered after the Great Depression, survived the consequences of the World War II, a lot of changes took place. Women became more independent and willing to build careers instead of remaining housewives; society began to develop faster, more and more people coming to the cities every year, which caused the appearance of the fast food chains. They were providing quality food within short time, with moderate prices and meeting the demand for calories per dish. MacDonald’s was one of the first fast foods that evolved and quickly gained popularity, becoming the leader of the industry within a few dozen years. Early fifties and sixties brought in the era of fast food.

America has a lot of nations mixed together, but most of them keep the main dishes untouched, preparing them the way their ancestors did. Jewish people keep the notion of kosher food, as it was centuries before. They brought fish dishes etc to America. Immigrants from the Eastern Europe brought in a few dishes only, denoting key religious holidays like Easter. Muslims also made their contribution to the All-American cuisine. They brought in strict laws of food consumption, used within their own community, and made their contribution to the variety of natural-made sweets, popular all over the world and in the US. Some of the contributions from these and other peoples and nations were later used for creation of diets or food consumption plans for the people with special needs in food.