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Costco Wholesale Corporation is the company that is working internationally and well known as a shopping brand as for the ordinary |ers as for retailers. This company has entered the scope of markets in US (native country), Canada, UK, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. As well known brand company used the global strategy for its expansion. After the successful entrance to the international market, company has decided to enter the Australian market. However, it was found that company would face strong entrance barriers.

The first one is connected with the specific consumption culture and shopping style of the Australian people. This barrier is the most powerful one, because there would be no company’s performance without |ers and clients. Therefore, the best way to overcome this barrier is to use multinational marketing strategy in order to adopt company, its performance, and shop work to the Australian market. Main consumption habits should be identified and analyzed and new entrance strategy should be developed. In order to overcome with the barrier of |ers’ preferences of local products, Costco may sign contracts with local retailers for their products delivering into the Costco outlet. Products from other countries should be shown in a wide range and highly promoted in order to persuade people to buy international goods that are introduced in the Costco mall. Here is arisen the next entrance barrier that is connected with the advertising peculiarities of the Australian market. This part of the multinational marketing strategy implementation of the Costco Company should be analyzed attentively and consulting with the special agency that can help to regulate these problems. Costco should also focus on the labour laws of the country and be ready to pay high prices to the employees. This question is connected with the governmental laws and cannot be influenced or changed. In the Australian market entrance one more barrier exists and it is connected with the strong brand-company Audi, which is very popular wholesale outlet. In order to compete with this company Costco would need to minimize its prices for goods and build strong brand perception among |ers.

Costco has all needed requirements to enter successfully the Australian market and perform effectively there. Therefore, company has just to develop multinational (adoptable) marketing strategy and fully adopt for the specific rules and habits of the definite country.