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Globalization has had a lot of impact on the social lives of the people of China. It has resulted in new jobs and opportunities hence lifting millions of Chinese from the yoke of poverty. Biotechnology firms in China have offered cheap drugs in China hence improving the health of millions of Chinese. This is good as it ensures provision of steady and productive labor. This is has reduced the amount the country spends on the health budget. In the telecom sector China registers about 2.5 million subscribers every month. This has ensured information based development and the citizens are better informed of the opportunities available in the country and globally. Labor laws have been strengthened and trade unions mobilized in order to protect the Chinese workers from exploitation from foreign firms investing in their country.

Globalization has created interest among the Chinese people to learn foreign languages especially English so that they can tap into opportunities. Many see this as a good move in integrating the Chinese economy to the world economy but many are skeptical of this move saying it would lead to loss of strict Chinese cultural values and traditions. As technology advance, crimes such as cyber based crimes have increased and this has seen some people exploited millions of shillings. The Chinese have created strict laws to ensure those involved are strictly punished.

Though China seems to have made a lot of progress globally, it is still faced with some problems at the domestic level. There has been a lot of pressure on China to liberalize its politics and allow for democratic elections. China is a single state country with the ruling party –the Communist party of China- being responsible for governing the country. China has been accused of harassing the opposition and violation of human rights. It is also accused of interfering with the affairs of NGOs and curtailing the freedom of the press.