Government Aid in Africa’s Education sample essay

America has had a great influence on Africa’s developing education system. The reason I have chosen this article is because it gives a brief look into how American organizations have played a big role in the advancement of Africa’s education. The article informs me that some of the same educational programs African-Americans are provided with in the U. S. were exported to Africa. The cities that already had a decent economy received them first. In the 1970’s Europe and America promoted education to Africa but many rejected the programs.

They supported missionary and independent African schools because they provided higher training and education. Within the book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, it states how the books that William borrowed from the library were donated by an American organization. Without those key books on physics and engineering William probably would not be where he is today. This article proves how much of an influence America has had on the rise of Africa’s education.

I wanted to know how much assistance did Africa’s education development received from America. The article shows how American organizations have made a great impact in Africa’s education. Unfortunately the article didn’t give me all of the exact information that is needed. Indeed, it states the programs that have basically helped Africa stats its educational foundation. It lacks information on America’s current government help. It also does not tell the current state of Africa’s educational system.

Information on more organizations and grants that have helped is also need. Research Improvement Completing this assignment has improved my research strategies exponentially. The school advance search has helped me out a lot with this assignment. At first my research strategies were poor and not at the collegiate level but now they are improved. I believe they will enhance throughout my years in college now. I am extremely proud of myself and thankful for the librarian showing us this great way to do research.