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The chapter, ‘Into the second millennium: modernity at the beginning of the 21st century’ introduces rather diverse concept relating to the concept of modernity, a concept that sociologists have been fascinated about for generations as noted by Schmidt. Such curiosity he notes is drawn from the realization that the society was shifting from the norm it had lived on for millennia. I thus find the paper rather informative as it recognizes the need to depart from common practice of equating modernity with ‘Western civilization’ (p. 4), by countries like Chia viewed as being potentially the largest modernized parts in the world in the near future.

On the flip side, the chapter raises the question as to what modernity really is, way into the paper. By then, Schmidt already recognizes the decline of the estate order of medieval feudalism as being a core ingredient in the rise of this concept (p. 1), with another notable contributor being the collapse of socialism.There is however an apparent lack of a common definition as to the concept. Whereas they pinion that features commonly associated with modernization like mass production, heightened individualization, value pluralism amongst others are not in themselves modernization, there is no clear distinction as to the term that is drawn in the chapter. The chapter develops the concept of modernity upon several theories that are proposed by different sociologists. Amongst the most referred to approach is the phased approach.

In the end, there is no clear understanding as to what one can term modernity as, or what to equate it to. This leads to ambiguity as well as in my opinion, viewing modernity as to entail concepts that are technologically oriented. In the stead, by developing a widely accepted definition to the term by describing what entails in such a quest to define the concept, and what it does not entail can lead to a better understanding as well as utilization of the concept.