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Undoubtedly, a film by Steven Greenstreet Killer at Large is worth watching as it embraces a huge problem of American life, captures the attention of everyone who casts upon it, and I am not an exception. It is definitely a spine-tingling documentary that shows how people’s lives are influenced by an epidemic of obesity, a terror from within. To be more elicit, nowadays obesity is considered to be the most pressing issues towards those who have obvious problems with food consumption, Americans in particular.

The first part of the film is based on the concept of “toxic environment”, which means that nowadays everything is available in large portions. A twelve-year-old girl, Brook Bates, who is actually a victim of obesity, decides to make a liposuction thus making a drastic step to enter a new life. My attitude to this kind of option is slightly ambiguous due to the disadvantages of such a procedure. In short, there are some negative side effects that can linger for a long time. For instance, withered-looking skin or the disturbed fluid balance are the consequences of the operation. At any rate, I prefer doing one’s best to cut down on particular types of food in daily ration and take up some additional courses in the gym. So I feel completely embarrassed about the process of operating on the girl.

Nevertheless, I have been decidedly impressed by the cartoon where the instinct to eat is shown. There are many complex factors involved in craving for food. A reaction to stress appears to be the most common threat to our lifestyles, which is leading us to become overweight, so it is quite important to control our feelings and avoid situations that make us desperate. There is also something funny about the protagonist who is chewing meat. It was a good point to show these awkward moments that delineate the culture that we are actually responsible for. This signal illustrates how voracious we are.

Admittedly, the main problem that crosses the outline of the film is connected with our health. Shorter life expectancy is to be observed in a few decades due to more heart diseases and deaths, diabetes, and the risk of cancer mortality.

Concerning the second part of the film, I do not approve of the thing that schools in the United States are doubling up on Math and Sciences, and cutting down on exercising. Although their main task is to teach children basic skills related to their health, even school lunches are not based on nutritional well-being of children. Thus, the generation of America becomes the heaviest in the world.

Furthermore, the film clearly traces the influence of marketing and food industry on children obesity. These silly advertisements make us consume more than we should, and they do not encourage us to live healthy life, while the government is trying to stimulate self-motivation using some creative and interesting ideas (that one with Shrek). According to all of the ads, Shrek actually becomes a bad person as they are using the hero to encourage children to buy those products with negative nutritional value.

To make a conclusion, the United States of America are facing a huge problem of obesity and overindulgence. The truth is that Americans should not misuse everything that is available. Otherwise, it will become the heaviest generation in the world. It is essential for them to put some effort to doing some exercises and going to the gym. They are also facing the consequences of obesity in diabetes. But who are to blame? Honestly, people themselves make it worse. I was also astonished by the end of the film where Steven Greenstreet shows the benchmark for all the Americans to follow. The children are growing vegetables from scratch, and that really makes a difference. Killer at Large should be imprisoned in American souls.