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In the social world, sex is a key attribute in molding relationships. This contention becomes evident after reviewing the differences that are present in male and female friendships. Sex is apparently a chief determinant in the patterns of associations among people .Although females and males have different reasons why they relate to each other, research has shown that the relationship between males and female resemble and also differ in one way or another .however is this the truth? .The paper endeavors to compare and contrast male and female relationships.

Comparisons between male and female friendships

The level of intimacy

The most notable difference in the relationships among males and females revolves around intimacy levels. Male and female relationships are more intimate where the two have a strong emotional touch. Although explanations regarding the differences are diverse, tradition, stereotyping, fear amongst males, among others, account for the manner in which females and males make friendships.

Females exhibit more closeness and passion, while males attempt to limit these aspects in their relationships. Three factors including the traditional view of masculinity, competition among men, and fears associated with homosexuality account for the reduced levels of intimacy in male friendships. Under the traditional purview, males are supposed to keep a distance regarding how they relate. In this case, intimacy is a preserve for women. As such, males who appear too close are seen as homosexuals, an aspect that society detests.

Although the issue of intimacy does not rank highly among the male friendships, evidence suggests that it plays an important role. For instance, sometimes, men share their experiences with their peers. Such sharing is important in reducing stress. As such, friendships among males serve the same purposes that they do in female associations


Friendships between males and females are based on certain physical attributes .Males are always attracted by the appearance of the females. It has been noted that females endowed with beauty attract many male friends. This is unlike the male friendships which focus much on investments, sharing of ideas and setting of goals. Although beauty contributes to the number of friends females make, the male’s appearance too contributes to the number of friends they make.

Difference in emotional attachment and friendship longevity

Based on the emotional aspect of female friendships, women enter deep commitments with their friends and such relationships are broad. Broad associations remain subject to adverse effects as highlighted above. On the other hand, men friendships do not take this direction. Male friendships are typically shallow, as they are based on specific activities, such as sports, occupations, etc. The desire to share experiences, thoughts, feelings and support heavily characterizes female friendships unlike male friendships. It is not surprising, therefore, that women devote a considerable amount of time to friendships unlike male friendships. Based on this realization, friendships between or among women last long and remain broad because of those aspects that ensure they are difficult to disintegrate


In history, observers imply that male friendships are seen as unselfish and as a depiction of the highest degree of human associations. Based on this note, women’s relationships are devalued and viewed as being both superficial and frivolous. As a form of illustration, people tend to view a group of women workers as a meeting of gossip girls. This implies that women are presumed to venture into such aspects as fashion, diet, among other trivia. This is a biased perspective that devalues the worth and capability of women. It is evident that women are capable of transacting important business in addition to discussing vital issues affecting society just the same way their male counterparts do. As such, viewing females through such lenses does not offer a true picture regarding the actual state of affairs.


Although male associations may have aspects of closeness or emotional attachments, the masculine attributes associated with men have played a role in diminishing the passion aspects of male friendships. On male friendships, it is evident that history heavily favors the patriarchal type of society. The associations among males have often been described in terms of physical sacrifice and bravery as pivotal aspects in the provision of assistance to humanity. Alternatively, the emotional attributes have been viewed as inappropriate in reference to the nature of males. It should be noted, however, that history has romanticized male friendships and in effect has failed to give the true picture on the prevailing state of affairs.

Limited scope

Male friendships have a limited scope. Unlike female friendships, male friendships are based on specific issues. Based on the focus on specific aspects, men have fewer friends than women. In this respect, men have drinking friends, playing friends, mentoring friends, etc. However, women friendships take into consideration the self-revealing attributes of humanity. It is thus not surprising to find female friends who do not share work or school experience, an aspect that rarely captures relations among males.

Open display of compassion and closeness

Another differentiating factor in the male vs. female friendships lies in the idea that female friendships exhibit openly aspects of compassion and closeness. This aspect lacks in male friendships because of the three reasons already pointed above (tradition, competition, and homosexuality). However, the restriction in the revelation of compassion or closeness does not diminish the value that the aspects play in friendships.


In conclusion, the way men and women form and keep friendships vary. Notably, the levels of intimacy vary between male and female friendships. As established in the paper, tradition has played a role in shaping relations among and between the sexes. Irrespective of the variations that are depicted, based on this paper, male and female friendships vary in terms of closeness, purpose, passion, and longevity.