Marius’s sample essay sample essay

The overall idea of Marius’s essay is that writing is hard work. The topic sentence in paragraph two is “writing takes time – lots of time”. It is difficult to devote time to any one thing, and writing is no exception, especially if a writer struggles with any facet of writing. Some writers don’t even know where to begin; others have to wait for inspiration. Others only do it because they are forced to for a school assignment!

Anything without an immediate reward is difficult to do for most people, and if it requires time, it also requires sacrifice, which relates to the third paragraph’s topic sentence, “most writers require some sort of solitude”. Solitude is equivalent to starvation. It is giving up something that is essential to human existence – companionship. Friends and family sometimes do not understand the need for solitude and can become angry if someone dives into work and all of a sudden becomes unavailable to them.

Most friends and family are supportive, but over time will grow tired of being overlooked for a piece of writing. The fourth paragraph focuses on the overall sacrifice that a writer must make in order to work – time and solitude. Both are very difficult and require discipline. Here Marius also touches on the finer aspects of writing – thinking, considering points, testing, examination, and details, details, details! Writing is work, even for those who are good at it or like it. It can be a chore or a beautiful exploration of life.