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In my view, most people think of marketing as merely selling or advertising because of lack of comprehensive understanding of differences between marketing concept and selling concept. Marketing concept refers to various activities undertaken by an organization to ensure that appropriate products reach |ers at the right time and place, whereas selling concept concerns exchanging the products with consumers for a fee.

In my opinion, this view is limiting because marketing is wider than selling or advertising. In real sense, selling and advertising are parts of marketing. Kotler (2011) also asserts that marketing can be divided into subcategories such as promotion, public relations, market research, sales, pricing, advertising and distribution of goods and services. Marketing also deals with planning and development of new products. Thinking of marketing as of mere selling or advertising is also limiting because it prevents one from establishing the differences between marketing and selling or advertising. For instance, marketing involves creation of demand for goods and services in the consumer market, whereas selling involves fulfilling or meeting the demands. The view is also limiting because it prevents an individual from gaining a comprehensive understanding of the various functions of marketing and selling in an organization. For example, marketing helps in creation of strong brand images for a product as well as the organization, whereas selling involves offering the product to consumers at a fee or price. The view also prohibits understanding the scope of marketing and selling, for example, marketing is addressed towards a large group of people or the public in general, whereas selling targets specific individuals or consumers. McDaniel (2010) and Kelly (2009) also assert that marketing is a long-term or continuing process that entails building a strong brand image for product whereas selling is a short-term process which involves identification of consumers. Moreover, marketing activities usually start before commencement of production processes, whereas selling begins after goods and services have been produced or manufactured. Viewing marketing as selling or advertising also narrows out thinking about various concepts of marketing and selling. For example, an individual may fail to understand that selling usually involves transfer of ownership of products from the producer to the consumer whereas marketing does not result into such transfer of ownership.

On the other hand, I would also like to assert that despite the various differences that exist between marketing and selling, the two concepts are closely related, interlinked and interconnected. Moreover, both processes aim at increasing the profits or revenues of an organization.