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Nowadays people need medical assistance quite often, and the top experts should provide it to them. These professionals may work in the best way possible, but they need to be maintained and directed in the appropriate manner, to avoid inconveniences for the patients. The function of management should be executed by professionals in the healthcare area, holding the MBA degree in the field and capable of grasping all the possible aspects, required to follow.

MBA program at Florida International University is the final step on my way to becoming a professional in the healthcare area. I intend to benefit from the program in many aspects. Firstly, I believe it will help me improve my general communication skills by interacting with other program participants, coming from different ethnical, social and economic backgrounds, having different origins and approach to life. Secondly, joining the great community of students from all over the world will allow me to upgrade my teambuilding skills, as I will be able to practice them in close interaction with other students. I wish to develop as a person while taking the MBA course as well, as it is an inseparable part of the overall development of the future leader and effective manager. Last, but not least is my desire to become an outstanding manager, possessing all the above mentioned features, along with good leadership skills and motivation to work for the sake of other people who are in need for help.

Applying for the MBA program, I wish to utilize my goals and intentions, develop professionally, and obtain the necessary skills I am still missing for becoming a professional in the healthcare area. I believe earning this degree will make finding a position of the healthcare manager at certain institution easier, as I will be more prepared than other applicants and my motivation will be supported with theoretical and practical grounds, received from the Florida international University MBA program.