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MKT 500 – Assignment 2: Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy Research Paper

In recent years, market competition in the market economy is fierce, the different economic performances and behaviors based on the enterprises’ own interests, to enhance their own economic strength and to achieve the exclusion of similar economic agents. Competition in the IT market is to drive their own material interests, because of the inherent dynamic of all economic actors, as well as the loss of their material interests are similar in the market by crowding out of economic actors. But how a newly established global brand builds its brand awareness and be a successful global brand becomes a critical issue. 2005, Lenovo PC merge IBM computer and become the No.3 computer company in the world. As for Lenovo Group, in order to achieve success in the fierce competition of the products market it needs effective marketing strategy to attain profit and improve its development in Chinese IT market.
The Lenovo Group operating activities are often completed through marketing products, producing, research, marketing portfolio. The Lenovo Group product and the quality of products constrain the results of pricing, promotion, and marketing. Therefore, the Lenovo Group managers’ attention should also be given to brand-name marketing, addition to make efforts in the flexibility of the marketing. Marketing strategy, especially the brand strategy is the real insight beyond product and services specific forms, and can be able to give consumers the direct interests, the image of the expression. To establish the product brand, it should be to establish the Lenovo Group brands, because good corporate image is the fundamental point of the brand building. This research is going to present the conclusion of a set of practical marketing modules applied in the IT industry; it will further enhance the Lenovo Group marketing in the computer market.