My Advices to Upcoming High School Students sample essay

If I was able to go back to my high school year, some advice that I would give to upcoming students is: join many academic activities, join lots of club to stay connect to the school, do your homework assignments and turn in the assignments on time. I am sure that if you follow at least two or three of these suggestions, you will love going to school and also have a motive to go to school every day and do your homework. When you do your assignments on time, you will receive good grades and good honors, too. Firstly, when you are able to join at least one or two academic activities after school, you have so much fun and you get to meet more and more people. The activities also help you lose weight and the best benefit is competing with others. For instance, when my sister was in the swimming team her freshman, sophomore and junior year, she was barely home.

She was always busy with her swimming team and having fun swimming against other schools. After every swimming competition, she will always come home with a smile on her face and we always thought her school had won, but really they didn’t win. She told me she didn’t care about winning; the most she cared about was being able to have fun, enjoy herself, and know what her capability is. For that, I would recommend students to take after school activities and be able to learn what their body is capable of doing instead of being shy like me and not do anything except coming home and just do my everyday routine.

Secondly, joining after school clubs are awesome too. You are able to connect with students and also many teachers. This is a really great opportunity to do when student’s first entering a new school because you get to know other students faster and also different teacher’s in your school. They can also write you recommendations for college too.

The better the teacher knows about you, the more they can write and elaborate to the colleges about you in the recommendations. Some students join clubs to help out after school activities like sports, parent conferences, school dances, and many more. This way you are able to be known in school for being a very great and helpful student and make many friends since everybody will know you by all the support you have given. Lastly, doing your homework is the number one priority in school and in college because without doing your homework, you are not able to do after school activities and play any sports.

You have to be able to do the homework and turn the homework in on time to receive full credit for a good grade. Putting all your effort into the homework may seem like it is not worth it, but afterwards, you see how far you have gone and what things you have learned thanks to all the homework and all the teachers pushing deadlines and being so strict about homework.

Always do your homework no matter how hard it is because the homework is doable; you just have to put all your time and effort into it to get it done the way the teacher wants it. Heeding these tips, you are able to gain many assets and help that you will be very proud of yourself and it will always help you down the future of life. You will always need recommendations for colleges and jobs and you will be able to get that easily because of all the after school activities. You will be able to go to attend more education and do all your assignments and turn them on time because you have already been down that route already. You will also learn how to stay fit because you were able to stay fit during high school with all the academic activities and learning how to motivate yourself without anyone motivating you.