My Grandparents and me sample essay

My parents are both busy that is why I grew up with my grandparents and because of this, I know my grandparents very well and most of all I love them so much. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away two years ago and that time I went to Cambodia for community service. Before I left for Cambodia, he even promised me that he would fight his illness for him to be still alive until I come back. Then one day, as I was working hard to assist poor Cambodians, I got a phone call about his death.

Right away, I booked a flight to be able to attend to his funeral. When I arrived there, I cannot help but be in pain as I saw my grandfather lying dead. For this assignment, I called my grandmother to ask a few questions. She was honest enough that she has some differences with my generation. First, since Korea was conquered by Japan for 36 years, she still speaks Japanese with her friends. In significantly, she has some Japanese culture mind such as Japanese are usually more conservative and traditional than most of Koreans.

Second, my generation is more used to high technology and adventure. My grandmother has her cell phone, which is twice bigger than what I have and she still does not know how to use computer. My growing society and my grandparent’s society are totally different. I am earning the world’s best education in United States. But my grandparents were learning education while Korea was conquered by Japan. After independence from Japan, she also experienced difficulty from Korean War.

She probably had the most difficult life than anyone else. He grew up in the poorest politics, society and economy. Her life is totally different than the life that I have. If I grew up in her generation, I will be really depressed and my life will always be in danger. As I compare my life with my grandmother, I can say that I more happy than her, and I am more blessed because I have not experienced such difficulties that she had especially during the times when Japan conquered Korea and the Korean War.