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Nowadays, newspapers are losing its popularity because technologies, like the Internet, allow people to get information of any kind immediately. There is no need to buy a morning newspaper in order to know what is going on around. Though, there are still people who like to read newspapers, there is no doubt that the Internet has emerged into people`s daily life. Most of the Internet news is available for free, and people all over the globe have access to news through various websites. It should be noted that both the Internet and newspapers give the option not to look at the advertisement like the TV and the radio. The Internet news is constantly advancing using different tools. For example, many websites use video clips which often substitute written news._x000D_
With the advent of the Internet, it has become possible to read breaking news from all world newspapers. According to the research, many people consider the Internet as death to the newspapers. There are actually people who are addicted to the newspapers as a traditional way of getting news. However, it has become hard for the newspapers to compete with the Internet, they both have one goal: to bring news to the public (Veglis, 2005). The Internet provides faster and easier access to information. It is notable that the television, radio and newspapers have converged into one, the Internet. The convergence of the Internet and newspapers has become popular during last decades. People can read any article from any newspaper online. The advance of the Internet creates new platforms to provide information given in the newspapers by creating new experience and new forms of content that connect individuals all over the globe (Levins, 1997). Convergence of newspapers and the Internet can be viewed as consolidation that has one mutual goal: to give information about the latest news and events.