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Florence Nightingale is commonly referred as “The Lady with the Lamp”. According to her, nursing is much essential for the well-being of everyone. Florence Nightingale’s theory focuses on the rendering of effective and efficient nursing care. She argued that a healthy human being will use power to the fullest, and when the environment is favorable, it promotes the maintenance of a good health (George, 2002). She was the first person to make proposals in nursing on the mode of training and education required in the field of nursing; thus, she contributed substantially to modern nursing. She contributed in health promotion through professional guidance in nursing. This paper looks at the contribution of nursing care to today’s military personnel in respect to Florence Nightingale theory.

The Environmental Theory by Florence focused on the physical, social and the psychological aspect of the environment. These environmental aspects promoted human health. The physical environment aspect focuses on minimized noise, elimination of substandard odor, proper ventilation, light, clean water and clean air. On the other hand, the social environmental aspect focused on dealing with the psychological problems affecting a patient (George, 2010). These needs can be cared for through communication, whereby patients may be offered psychological counseling by a psychological expert, family members, friends and nurses. Psychological surroundings result into stress, which affects the body and mind. Nightingale viewed the external environment in regard to affecting the development and life of human beings. When a healthy environment is created, nurse can be in a better condition to provide quality nursing services.

Nightingale had some key concepts which she employed to guide through professional nursing. A sick person or patient needed a proper ventilated, warm room with enough light. The room should be free of noise, she also stated that the entire house should be clean with all the fittings properly washed and regularly cleaned. The patient’s bad should be clean and the bedding needs should to be washed often (Boslaugh & Gale, 2008). The personal hygiene of the patient should not also be compromised.

Militaries around the world should brace themselves and offer the best environment to their soldiers. Florence Environmental Theory is already a universal concept that is applied and is being implemented in every healthcare facility in the world today. The theory mainly focuses on the relationship between a patient and a nurse, manipulating the environment and psychological care as the main promoters of healthy well-being.

Military is associated with many risks. The persons engaging themselves in military activities, especially warfare, are more likely to be injured or fall ill due to attacks and sometimes harsh climatic conditions to which they are subjected. Therefore, it is particularly significant that the healthcare personnel in every military base apply the basic principles suggested by Florence Nightingale on her theory. In respect to Florence Nightingale’s theory on nursing, the health of the soldiers should be taken care of by applying the concepts that she advocated. This involves personal hygiene of the soldiers to ensure that their environment is kept clean (Masters, 2012). These measures will ensure that a patient recovers faster. Giving words of hope and advice to the soldiers appears to be a form of psychological counseling. By giving the injured soldiers gifts such as flowers, they feel that they are being cared for, and this acts as a boost to their health.

The kind of food that an injured or sick person consumes should be properly observed to ensure that they only eat healthy foods that will not worsen their health conditions further (Dossey, 2005). Petty issues that might be bothering a patient must be taken into consideration and managed. All these concepts, which were suggested by Florence Nightingale, were aimed at improving nursing care. Therefore, it is particularly noteworthy that military personnel employ such concepts to ensure that the soldiers and their health are cared of.

Nursing can be done by anyone as it is the activity which promotes health. It is necessary to note that nursing has got different paradigms from the field of medicine. Nursing has a goal of ensuring that the patient is in the best condition likely for nature to act. It is, hence, critical that some soldiers are to be trained on the basic concepts of nursing to help them take care of health issues of their fellow soldiers while on their duty, just in case a professional nurse is not within the reach to provide the required assistance.

In Nightingale’s theory, it is worth noting that a disease is the absence of comfort. It is also necessary to take into consideration the multidimensional aspect of people since they vary psychologically, socially, in their biological make-up and also spiritually. Therefore, it is crucial that while administering nursing healthcare, all these aspect are considered. Even in the military, the soldiers vary in their beliefs, biological characteristics and also psychologically.

Florence also suggested that changing the environment would help improve the health conditions, and this would promote faster healing. Patients must, hence, be put in the best conditions for nature to act on them in the best way possible. An example is the comfortable room whereby noise is reduced, to relieve the patient of any anxiety. During warfare, the room where the injured soldiers are kept must be made free of noise so that the sick or the injured may not hear the gunshot as this can create anxiety and delay healing. Unnecessary noise is never healthy for a recuperating patient.

Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory focuses on environmental concepts such as proper ventilation, enough lighting, warmth, a healthy diet and cleanliness as the healthy surroundings are needed if proper nursing care is to be implemented. A healthy environment should have pure air, pure water, be clean, have enough light and efficient drainage. In today’s military organization, their nursing base should focus on a facility which is designed to offer proper ventilation. The facility should also provide for direct sunlight to the patient. Direct exposure to light is beneficial to the patient since vitamin D is manufactured from the skin. It also helps to build strong bones and teeth. Therefore, fifteen minutes exposure to sun at least 4 times a week is extremely vital for the health of the patient.

According to environmental theory, clean environment frees the patient from any form of infection. A dirty environment exposes the sick patient to more infection and, hence, worsening their conditions (McQuiston, & Webb, 1995). Nightingale’s theory focuses on the proper handling of the secretions from the patient and also safe disposal of body secretions and sewage. A patient should be bathed frequently, have the clothes washed and hands washed before having any meal.

A warm and quiet environment should also be created by the provision of fire in case of cold weather, season or cold nights and opening of windows for aeration. Florence also focused on the eating patterns and behaviors of the recuperating patients. She suggested that a proper diet should aim at protecting the patient from emotional distress, provide comfort to the patient and conserve energy. Diet among soldiers is a priority in all military states; whether sick or not, soldiers in the military should be provided with a good diet for them to remain healthy.

In the case of military nursing, Florence proposed the Petty management which advocated for the avoidance of psychological harm to the patient. A sick or injured person is not supposed to be informed about the negative aspects of the war. Such issues should never be discussed in the facility. Instead, psychological therapy should be employed to help the patient to recuperate.

The soldier is the focus of the environmental theory. The nurse must be able to perform nursing tasks to the soldier and control the environment soldier who is recuperating for quicker recovery. A healthy soldier will use his/her power to the fullest; therefore, nursing care in the military bases should be prioritized. Nursing practice requires the application of common sense, observation and perseverance. If a sick or injured soldier wants to recuperate, he/she must cooperate with the nurse since interruption slows down the recuperation process.

A patient and a nurse must cooperate and collaborate, and a nurse must also be committed to the nursing work. Florence suggested in her theory that nurses should “Think and act like a nurse”. It is worth noting, that a patient, nurse and environment interact with one another and that there are negative consequences from a harmful environment, while benefits emerge from a good environment. The environment needs to be manipulated to prevent diseases. Militaries across the world should offer the best training to their nurse since best nursing practices result from the best education and training. The skills of the nurses can be measured by testing the skills of the nurses and giving them licenses. Environmental theory is indispensable; it encourages practices such as disease control, provision of sanitation and clean water, use of modern architecture in houses to provide for proper ventilation, control room temperature, and provide for reasonable lighting.

In every military organization, there should be provision for a nursing facility. Nursing must be learnt before being put into practice. Therefore, there is a need for properly trained and skilled nurses to be employed in military and military training facilities. Just as Florence Nightingale believed, proper nursing came from a good education.

There is a requirement that every nursing facility provides adequate ventilation, promotes adequate and proper nutrition and observes basic hygiene. Hygiene is also extremely beneficial. Failure to observe hygiene standards will result in many negative implications (Selanders, 1993). These implications may not be health related, but also social, as well as psychological. Good personal hygiene will minimize the spread of diseases, thus, prevent the event of an epidemic. An example is by ensuring proper hygiene and aeration of the room, coughs and cold transmission can be curbed easily. A patient who is not observing exceptional personal hygiene is more likely to be alienated by people and be vulnerable to abuse. Abuse may be a social weapon used to embarrass the sick patient. This will result in psychological problems, thus, worsening the health of the recapitulating patient in the nursing facility. Poor food hygiene also has negative implications on the health of the recapitulating patient; it may cause the spread of illnesses via the contact of food materials from an infected source to the one that is not infected. To ensure that proper personal hygiene of a patient is taken care of, the sick person should take a bath regularly, conduct oral washing, have their hair clean, nails cleaned regularly, and the wounds that they are nursing should be sanitized to avoid further infection.

Basing on Florence Nightingale’s theory, every military should ensure that it offers the best nursing services to their soldiers to ensure that they deliver best. A clean environment, pure water and air, effective and efficient drainage should be the main priorities.