Personal Brand Plan Paper sample essay

There are three companies I would like to begin my career in Human Resources department in. Those three companies are Exxon Mobile Corporation, Apple Incorporated, and Wal-Mart. Exxon Mobile Corporation the third largest oil and gas refinery in the world in revenue. With over 80,000 employees globally Exxon Mobile Human Resource Department is functions are full of challenges. I view those challenges as being exciting, and rewarding. I would like to be employed as an Employment, Recruitment or Placement Manager. Through research I found Exxon Mobile has a variety of different employment, recruitment, and placement manager positions to help me gain a broad functional and developmental expertise in the human resource field.

This experience will also give me a better understanding of how important Human Resource is integrated in various organizations and companies around the world. Working for Exxon will give me the opportunity to achieve my professional goals in managerial and technical areas through a multitude of assignments, mentorship’s, and training over my career. I would like to be employed with Exxon Mobile Corporation it is ranked number 2 in 2014 fortune 500, and because this company has been around for over 125 years. This company has built a strong foundation over the years, and also invests in its employees. I would like to obtain as much knowledge here to use in the rest of my career.

The second company I chose was Apple Incorporated. Apple, Inc. is a multinational corporation creating numerous consumer electronics such as computer software, digital distributors, personal computers, commercial servers, iPhone smart phone, iPod portable media devices, and iPad tablet computers. Over the last two decades Apple Computer was predominantly and manufacturer of personal computers. I would like to be employed as an International Human Resource Associate for Apple, Inc. Working as Apple’s International Human Resource Associate I will play the role of a human resource generalist inside the company but will also have global responsibilities.

Some of my task will be job postings, recruiting and screening candidates, and explaining benefits and compensations packages. To be successful in this position I would have to obtain a solid grasp of the employment markets around the world including understanding others culture aspects, compensation, benefits and screening. I would like to work for Apple, Inc. because it is a fairly new fortune 500 incorporation leading in the world of technology. Apple consistent innovation continues to lead in sales over all of their competitors. With the experience and training obtained from Exxon Mobile will assist me in being a successful international human resource associate.

The final company I would like to work for is Wal-Mart. Since 1962, Wal-Mart has been dedicated in making a difference in the lives of their customers by helping customers and communities save money and live better. Wal-Mart is ranked number one in Forbes as 2014 company who generated the most revenue. I would like to be employed as a Human Resource Consultant for Wal-Mart. As a Human Resource Consultant I will work as a contractor in helping corporate with things such as employment structure, manager policies, benefit issues, and performance incentives. I will help analyze employment success systems, evaluate how the benefits plans are panning out, and recommend productive changes to the system. I will use my the training and work experience accumulated over the years obtained from Exxon Mobile and Apple Inc.