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Though the United States and the western European countries remain unmatched in their economic power, political weight and military force, the debates are held as to the reduction of the global economic clout. It is worth noting that America remains unmatched in the world history as a global superpower. The USA has won recognition of the superpower after WWII and its position was strengthened after the collapse of the Soviet Union. During history, America was not acting alone in order to achieve its powerful position in the world. The western European countries and the USA are acting as a team. After WWI and WWII, the USA and the western European countries did their best to spread capitalism and democracy, what actually led Western nations to global dominance. This dominant position was strengthened after WWII because of the rapid growth of economic development, military power and political weight of the United States and the western European countries. American successes during the past 70 years would not be possible without the help of the West. The western allies formed a coalition that made it possible to achieve great results in its development.

During WWI and WWII the western European countries and the USA stimulated their economy by arms race. WWI had very negative consequences to the western European countries, such as population crisis, social and economic crisis. According to historical research, Great Depression of the 1930s shattered the life of millions of people in Europe and in the USA. Both the USA and the western European countries were worrying about rapid developments in the Soviet Union and the threat to global capitalism and their hegemony. Their own economies were stagnating, while the only socialist state in the world had got great economic results. Unemployment was rather high and people started to think that socialism is a positive way of development. It was the great threat to the western hegemony. As a result, Hitler came into power in Germany in 1930s using modern propaganda techniques to create his power.

After WWII, the United States saw the Soviet Union as the main obstacle on the way to its global hegemony. Thus, the USA and the western European countries had become more united on their way of defeating communism. It should be noted that their efforts and actions were effective, because they won the Cold War. The collapse of the USSR led to the establishment of the USA hegemony in the world. The United States strengthened its power after the collapse of the Soviet Union and has become the most powerful empire the world has ever known. The western allies formed a winning coalition that was ruling the world for many years.

It is noteworthy that with the revolution in technology in mid 1960s, the world has changed. Innovative technologies and global communication through the Internet weakened traditional cultural, political and economic borders. Globalization of the economy, migration and climate change among other factors affected the West in different complex ways. More and more politicians and economists are talking today about the reduction of the global economic clout of the western European and the U.S. powers. Recently, it has become obvious that economic strength and military superiority and power are moving to developing nations, such as China, India, Brazil and Russia. It means that the West is losing its power and dominance in the world. Though the West is still keeping the leading position in the world, the changes are inevitable. It is predicted that the USA economy will be half the size of China, but until this happen, the USA and the western European countries are able to improve this situation and remain an overwhelming global power.