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Currently, there have been debates over French identity or rather what it takes to be French. The prickly issue has taken an ambivalent position with quite a considerable number of individuals feeling that this is fair and those who do not see the need of assessing people’s origin in order to decide what privileges they can get as well as dictate what they can do and what they cannot. The feeling in the latter group is that there is a looming era of discrimination in terms of nationality and race. From a prudent point of view, it can be reckoned that President Nicolas Sarkozy supports the existing situation of mass registration of people as citizens even those who have not gained their citizenship through birth.

Sarkozy has the conviction that France would excel if it turned into a “globalized” nation by introducing a more diverse community in terms of race and religion. Having appointed some unhappy socialists in his party the Union for a Popular Movement, he is having quite a hard time trying to convince them on the importance of immigration and integration. He believes that France’s diversity embraces unity and hence the harmonious living among the individuals which is a key element towards success. He suggests that those that hold an opposite view do not know the effects of discrimination against some internal minorities. The history of discrimination is associated with a number of eyesore images that France should strive to overcome. One of the major effects is people being marginalized in their own nation and deprived of some privileges (Lebovics, True France: The Wars Over Cultural Identity, 1900-1945, 1994).

There is also the argument to know some of the values that one should embrace in order to become an esteemed French citizen. There is a feeling in the public that there should be fair play in sports to ascertain that the victory by the national teams is fair. People should not, however, associate France with unfair play as a strategy to excel. As Lebovics (2004) explains, a vigorous cultural history entails France’s political efforts to synchronize the citizens nationally and integrate the valuable aspects from Europe nationally and globally for its favor (Lebovics, 2004).