Sports Drinks sample essay

Should Athletes Drink Sports Drinks? When? Why?

The response should be formatted in a two-page type written essay that addresses each of the following question The main points of the assignment will address: * mammalian temperature regulation

* osmosis
* cellular respiration
* mammalian regulation of water and salt balance
* mammalian circulation

1. What are the ingredients in sports drinks?
Hint: The three main ingredients

2. How is each ingredient useful for a person who is engaged in vigorous physical activity?
Include in answer:
* All of the fluids in your body and all of the fluids produced by your body are mostly water. * These fluids have salts (primarily NaCl) dissolved in the water, but the concentration differs: | Amount of Na+ per liter|

Fluids in your body (e.g. blood plasma)| |
Sweat| |
Sports drink| |
* Notice that sweat is less salty than the fluids in your body, so when you sweat you are losing more water than salt. Consequently, sweating results in an increased concentration of salt in your body fluids.

3. Suppose an athlete is working hard and sweating a lot, but isn’t drinking anything. What might go wrong?
Hint: Osmosis

4. Suppose an active, sweating athlete drinks lots and lots of water. What might go wrong inside his or her cells?

5. How do athletes who drink water replace the salt that is lost in sweat?

6. Suppose an athlete is very active for a long period, but isn’t eating any food or drinking anything with sugar in it. What might go wrong?

7. What might go wrong if an athlete drinks too much sports drink?

8. With all the possible ways to go wrong, how does an athlete’s body ever get back to the right amount of water and salt to restore body fluids?

9. Do athletes benefit from drinking sports drinks? When? How?

Sources for Additional Information
* Sports Drinks, available at * Dehydration, available at * Extreme Heat: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety, available at