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Studying economics allows us to enrich ourselves in multiple aspects. First of all, studying economics involves gaining lots of new skills and knowledge. The new information can be used either in personal needs or it can be applied to the other jobs a person holds. Second of all, possessing economical skills and knowledge allows feeling more confident in the today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, full of everyday challenges that need to be solved. People, who know much about the economy, are capable of solving issues on their own, saving on the expenses that could have been made to reward the professional economists.

Studying economics on a professional level, i.e. obtaining a degree in certain economic disciplines, people get higher chances to find a decent job with outstanding working conditions and satisfactory salary. Whenever somebody becomes an expert in economics, this person gets a unique chance to start and successfully develop a career with some of the most prominent businesses in the world. The study of economics adds real value to the person’s image of a professional.

The most essential part of studying economics is the eventual understanding of the principle how the world works. It means that knowledge and skills, obtained during the study of economics, would allow us to get an unbiased impression about the way world economy runs, as well as to make right decisions as a consumer.

I made a few important decisions in the past two years, but the most important was starting to save for the car. I ran some calculations and figured out it would be smarter to save money, putting them into a savings account, instead of purchasing a vehicle at the moment and paying its full price along with the loan interest. I believe that in the future my savings will bring me more benefits than spending money on the latest model of the car I would like to have at the lower price.