Teamwork sample essay

Andrew Carnegie – a famous businessman, the King of Steel once said “ Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results ”. Some people like to work independently, while others would prefer to work in a team. Is it more important to be able to work with a team or to work independently? Depending upon different personal traits and working environment, people will have different answers to this question.

However, working as a group to complete an assignment and working alone to complete the assignment seem totally opposite. One obvious difference is working method. When you work alone, you can do everything in your own way. You can work independently without having to depend on other people’s opinions. Moreover, you have to make a clear plan for your work as well as arrange your time to finish the assignment logically to achieve the best performance. In contrast, when you work in groups, work will be assigned specificly to team members, each member takes a different job.

Team work requires effort of all members, if a member doesn’t accomplish his job well, it will affect the work of all group. Each member oneself should understand that one person is a part of team but not separate individual. In addition, helping each other to complete progress of work is necessary though that task is not belonging to one’s job. The final result is all team’s efforts. Therefore, teamwork requires all member must have a sense of responsibility for their work. The second difference is working result. Admittedly, working in groups will much more efficient than working individually.

The most effective team are able to solve complex problems more easily than one person can, for many capable minds are brought to bear on an issue. Having a team involved in a certain task is more productive than assigning it to only 1 person. Together, they can brainstorm their ideas and discuss the possible outcomes of each. Two heads are better than one. A group working in tandem will always provide better, faster results than an individual working alone. An other importance difference is your benefit when you choose to work in groups or work alone.

When you work alone, you can improve your dependence because no one can help you. According to team work, you can learn many merits from others and improve your disadvantages. Some people have a great attitude to solve many difficult problems, like patience and honor. Additionally, when you work in a group, you also have a chance to express your ideas and have the comment from others. It’s the good way to improve your presentation skills and certainly your knowledge also. That is why Henry Ford rightly said “Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. In summary, although teamwork and individual work have something different, these two skills are always important to us. Having work independent skill, you always gain initiative and make yourself decision in your work or own life. Meanwhile the teamwork skill help the team collect original various ideas from different individuals and finally reap the fruit, especially you also learn useful experiences from other members. In order to live and work well, the above skills are two practical and effective.