The First Day of Middle School sample essay

Middle school is a milestone for most people. The pressure for a newcomer can be exhausting and stressful. Upcoming sixth graders must adjust to their new environment. Unlike elementary school classes, middle school classes contain shorter periods, more quizzes and tests, and more homework. The new adjustment to lockers can be difficult or easy; the hard part is getting to class on time. The materials needed are confusing and frustrating at times new students must adapt to their new school education system. Lastly, the teachers post grades on Edline for each class. The lockers, materials, and grades are all part of the milestone to middle school.

Lockers are one of the toughest things new 6th graders must get use to. The lockers have a lock on each one. The lock is opened with a three-digit code. It may take a while to get use to the turning and memorizing the passcode. New students who have not used a lock before usually have a hard time opening their lockers and may ask friends or neighbors to help, these students may have to take a week or so to get the hang of it. One of the new things students are introduced in middle school are tardys, lates, and detentions. Students usually get detention if they are late to class, forget to bring class supplies, or talk in class too much. Only the first week is an exception because everyone is adjusting to his or her new schedule.

The materials for each class are different and unique. Some classes you need a journal or notebook; or a pen or pencil. For every class everyone needs a 2-4 inch binder that holds all seven class periods including elective and health. A binder holds all of the papers, pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, and other supplies needed for each class. Additionally, people have to switch binders at least once a year since they break easily if someone drops them or the ring get demented. The papers the teacher gives you must be put in the rings, the binder can will overflow if you put it in the folders or just stuff it in. After about a semester, students have to clean out their binders for the new quarter. It takes a lot of preparation to get ready for middle school.

On the first day of middle school, new students will get a code to create a new account on Edline. Edline is used to put assignments out, notices, emergencies, homework, and their current assign report (current grades). A current assignment report is created for each teacher the student has and a homeroom for absents, lates, or tardys. When someone is absent on a day then the teacher can either put a Z or an X. A Z is the student has not turned it work in by the due date. And an X is the student is excused for their missed work. If the student has a Z and does not turn it in by the end of the quarter, it turns into a 0 (zero).

Near the end of the marking period, if the student has an 89.4 or a 79.4 then they can ask the teacher for one point to bump up their grade to the next grade letter. Worries and anxiousness may take over and control the human mind, making them stress and get irritated a lot. This can pull there grades down with all the stress accumulating.

For upcoming middle school students prepare is everything because they have not experienced middle school pros and cons. A student’s locker, their edline, and the materials accumulate to create a successful year for students. They first few weeks are easy and confusing. Teachers usually do not give out homework but it takes time to memorize all the classrooms and the teachers. The frustration and stress can cause breakdowns but as the weeks go by everything seems to get into place over time.