The Life Plan After College sample essay

The Life Plan will help you to achieve your short-term, mid-term, and long-term life goals. It allows you to visualize your future. Its focus is on three major life areas, academic, career, and personal. Individuals who have a clear vision of their future have a greater likelihood of realizing their dreams and goals than those who treat life as a stream of random unrelated events. A secondary outcome of this assignment is that it will allow you to demonstrate your written communication skills.


Respond to the following questions by answering in complete paragraphs. Be specific and detailed in your responses. Use examples to illustrate your points. Make sure that your responses are grammatically correct with no errors in punctuation or spelling. Proof your work and have others proof your work. Use the College writing lab if you need additional assistance with grammar, structure, or punctuation. Produce a document with no errors.


1. Now that you have entered college, what are the immediate short-term goals you expect to achieve this semester and the following two semesters? Address the goals that are relevant to you in the academic, personal, and career realm. What does it mean to you to achieve these goals? Why do want to major in __________? What opportunities will your completing this academic degree will be available to you? Who can help you make your career and or academic decisions?

2. Visualize yourself, as you grow older. What do you see your accomplishments to be ten years from now, twenty, and thirty? What advocational goals do you have? These could include hobbies, artistic, musical or other creative pursuits. What do you hope to be doing following your retirement? Where will you live and work? Do you see yourself contributing to others in your community as you achieve the goals you have set? If so, how? Will you volunteer in some way in your community?

What things will be necessary to allow you to live your long-term vision of this future? Again, address the areas of academic, personal, and career, as you respond to this question. 3. Identify and write about your mid-term goals in the areas of academic, personal and career. These are things you hope to complete during the next two to five years. These might include transfer to another higher education institution, relocating, finding a job more closely related to your career interest area, starting a family etc.