University Community sample essay

University is a scholarly institution of higher learning, which provides an opportunity to a well-knitted community of inquisitive students, pioneering researchers, competent staff and distinguished faculty to help one another in upgrading their specific skills. It has been my earnest desire to seek admission in the prestigious University of Massachusetts at Boston, where I could not only acquire professional knowledge and problem solving skills, but also, make a positive contribution towards the growth of its university community. Discussion

As a rationalist thinker and pragmatic worker, I would make best use of learning opportunities provided to me by the university community, and I would also get involved in the academic, social, political, and cultural activities of the university community. I shall briefly discuss my ambitious plan of learning from, and contributing to the university community. My Opinion of University Community I would define university community as a cohesive family of knowledge seeking students, promising researchers, proficient administrative staff and distinguished professors.

Such a competent community works unitedly with four major objectives, namely, teaching, learning, research and development. The students comprise the majority population of the university community, which aims to impart quality education to the inquisitive students. Experienced and knowledgeable professors help the students to understand the courses taught, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and attain their full potential by the time the students complete their degree programs.

Similarly, the researchers endeavor to find cost-effective solutions to the numerous existing problems of the society, whereas, the adept administrative staff ensures that university is always equipped with adequate infrastructural facilities. Excellent Educational Qualifications I completed my school education from the reputed Malden Catholic High School, where I secured good grades in all courses. I always completed my assignments in time, and my teachers appreciated me for my creative and critical thinking skills.

At present, I am attending the renowned Fisher College to enhance my knowledge in informational technology. I am well prepared to pursue an undergraduate degree program in the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and I promise to perform equally well in all the courses, projects and seminars through my diligence and commitment to the academic standards of the university community. Voluntary and Commercial Work Experience I have an attitude to help my fellow humans, and alleviate the suffering of humanity.

So, I had volunteered my services in Winchester Hospital at a time when the hospital was in shortage of funds and manpower. To support my livelihood, I work as a lifeguard on weekends, and also assist my supervisor in Bonacorso Insurance in day-to-day office operations. I have imbibed useful organizational and time management skills, which shall enable me to effectively manage the exhaustive curriculum load during my studies at University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Conclusion I have excellent educational qualifications, diverse work experience in finance and healthcare organizations, and determination to pursue my undergraduate studies from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. I intend to become an integral part of the university community comprising students, researchers, faculty and staff, besides participating in academic, social, political and cultural activities in the University of Massachusetts at Boston.